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Last month we posted a blog about a mother and her child all the way from 1997…

We recently received an e-mail from one of our customers:

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank Matt at the Edmonton south location for the outstanding customer service he provided us today. Matt spent 2 1/2 hours with us very patiently assisting us to pick out a suit for my sons grad. Between catering to our color, size and style needs he contacted other stores looking for suit sizes, and continued to assisted other customers in between our decision making. It’s not often you get such customer service and I must say I enjoyed it. Matt is a great employee. I don’t know what you pay these young people to put up with at times cranky indecisive customers but I hope it’s good. It was time well spent and max is very happy with his purchase. P.S. you need a tip option so that people like us can show our appreciation for the awesome service. Thanks Matt!” – Linda & Max

Feedback like this makes us proud to be doing business since 1939! If you would like to give us your feedback please e-mail: info@derks.ca

A Customers Memory… All The Way from 1997 “Derks Formals – Makes you the man you want to be!”

In 1997 my family lived on an acreage outside of Edmonton.  Every day my 3-year-old son and I would make the 3-hour daily round trip to his daycare and my job in the city.  Often during these trips, when not otherwise entertaining each other, we would listen to the radio.

Also, in 1997, Derks had an ad on the radio, which touted the slogan, “Derks Formals – Makes you the man you want to be!”  One day, while on our way home, the ad came on the radio.  My 3-year-old, obviously listening to the ad, became very excited.  “Do you hear that, Mommy?  They make you the man you want to be!”  He thought hard for a moment, then announced, “I want be BATMAN!”

Anyway, 15 years later, we no longer live on the acreage and reside in a small town in central Alberta.  My son, now 18, is graduating from High School.  The other day he came home with some formalwear catalogs from the local menswear shop.  He chose the suit that he really liked and when I flipped to the front cover to see which company the suit was from, I had to laugh when I saw it was from Derks.

My son, while accomplishing many amazing things in his young life (Author, World Taekwondo silver medalist, Honour Student), no longer wants to be “Batman” and has decided that perhaps “High School English Teacher” is more to his liking.  Regardless, he will look very handsome at his Grad ceremony in his Derks Formals suit.

There is really no point to this email other than seeing him choose his outfit and realizing it came from Derks brought back a memory and a smile and I just wanted to share the story.

If you have any wonderful stories about Derks Formals & Menswear please e-mail us at info@derks.ca and let us share your memory!

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Consumers Choice Award Recipient Darrell Derk Businessman of the Year

Darrell Derk won an additional award for “Businessman of the year”











Derks Formals and Menswear won the award for formalwear/menswear and their on going commitment to quality, service, and excellence.

This is our 10th Consumer Choice Award in a row.












The Derks Family would like to thank their hard working team as there is no greater compliment than winning an award that commends our staffs achievments in business excellence and customer service.

NHL Team Cuff Links

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You can purchase any NHL Team Cuff Links from Derks Southside locations or any other Derks location for only $99

These NHL Cuff Links make the perfect accessory to any suit.

You can purchase any NHL Team, just go to Derks Southside location or any other location and place your order.







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Dressing For a Charity Event

Kenneth Cole once said: “Don’t let your outfit be the cause for concern”

If you are about to attend a charity event to help raise funds and awareness, not strange looks, your outfit should be respectful and respected at the same time.  Big time charities are almost always a terrific time, everyone is dressed to the nines, and most non-profit organizations know how to throw a memorable party.  That plus the cause, whatever it may be, allows you to spend a little more than normal and feel quilt free.  Not only does your presence at a charity function benefit those unfortunate, in which you are attending the function to support, but it can also assist you from a social standpoint, as well as a professional one.  Many charity events or balls are formal functions which have strict dress codes that must be followed by all guests.  When dressing for a formal function it may be a good idea to rent or buy a tuxedo if you do not already own one.

Here are a few tips to follow to make your grand entrance with confidence and grace.

Be sure to look on the invitation to see if there is a dress code requirement as there are several levels of dress.  Here are the basics, beginning with the most formal.  White Tie: Men wear a black tuxedo with tails, a white shirt, a white vest and a white tie.  Black Tie: Men wear a black tuxedo, no tails, a white shirt, a black vest or cummerbund and a black tie.  Black Tie Optional: Men wear a black tuxedo, same as black tie attire, or a dark suit, a white (or light colored) shirt and a conservative tie.  The most common dress code for charity events is a Black Tie Event.

If you are looking to purchase or rent a suit, it is worth spending extra time trying everything on and paying close attention to the form of each garment.  If there is any pulling, bunching or creasing, consider going up a size.  Shoulder seams should be right at the edge of the shoulder and you should be able to comfortably button your jacket.  If other areas of the body do not fit properly, taking the suit in to get tailored is an easy solution in order to have the suit fit your body perfectly.

Consider the quality of the fabric and details of construction.  Think about texture and shine and look for a suit that has a special touch, taking it beyond every day wear.  Not only will this set yourself apart from all the others but it will make you feel fantastic wearing it.

Some would argue that shoes are the window to the soul, so don’t neglect them.  Dark socks with shoes to match are a must and need to go with the trousers you are wearing.  White socks or the wrong style of shoes will take the elegance away from the rest of the outfit.  Appropriate shoes for the event provide a polished finish to the whole look.

Fun Socks and Formalwear

Gone are the days where weddings were predominately black and white tie parties. Today’s engaged couples are having fun integrating a spectrum of different colors to their wedding themes.

It’s not too surprising then that many grooms and groomsmen today are embracing different color combinations for their wedding day attire as well. Fun patterns and brightly colored socks is a quickly growing trend. So gentlemen . . . to get started, find inspiration from the colors that you and your partner have selected for your big day. Brides love to wear brightly colored shoes . . . they totally make for many great photo ops! Choosing your socks or tie based on the color of her pair of heels is a good way to help narrow down your choices as well. I also find that wedding blogs such as Style Me Pretty are great sources for inspiration and wedding ideas. Or you can stop by Derks Formals & Menswear to see our great selection of Happy Socks, they’re definitely statement making. But in the end, just have fun with the process.

Consumer Choice Award’s Businessman of the Year is . . . Darrell Derk!

What a great way to start off our weekend at Derks Fine Group of Companies. Darrell Derk was announced today as the recipient of this year’s Consumer Choice Award’s Businessman of the Year in Edmonton. Congratulations Darrell!

Darrell Consumer Choice Businessman