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Tuxedo Trends 2011

Tuxedo Trends for 2011 are all about comfort and style. High end fabrics offer a more contemporary look.  Gone are the days where grooms have to wear heavy industrial wool tuxedos. Now companies like Derks Formals are providing their customers with materials of high quality; similar to what you would find in a retail tuxedo. The cut of the tuxedo is just as important as the cloth. The most popular choice of wedding parties this season is the basic two-button jacket with a notch lapel. If you are looking to step outside the box a peak lapel is a trendy choice, and a shawl lapel offers smooth clean lines.

In terms of color trends, black is back as the classic black and white duo is making a comeback. So if you don’t want to stress too much about having to match and coordinate colors, more and more couples are often looking for that more sophisticated and mysterious “James Bond” appeal. The end result is a classic look that will look great in pictures for years to come.

However, if you are looking for that pop of color; purple, royal blue, brighter greens and light pinks are what many of the bride and grooms are looking for this year. Jewel tones are all the rage!  Many couples are often inspired by colors found in nature such as peacock blues, mossy greens or amethyst purples.

Whatever style you end up choosing, always remember to draw from your personal inspirations, such as themes or colors that you both love so that you will be pleased by the look for years to come!

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