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Derks Formals – Creating Quality Customer Service

Last month we posted a blog about a mother and her child all the way from 1997…

We recently received an e-mail from one of our customers:

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank Matt at the Edmonton south location for the outstanding customer service he provided us today. Matt spent 2 1/2 hours with us very patiently assisting us to pick out a suit for my sons grad. Between catering to our color, size and style needs he contacted other stores looking for suit sizes, and continued to assisted other customers in between our decision making. It’s not often you get such customer service and I must say I enjoyed it. Matt is a great employee. I don’t know what you pay these young people to put up with at times cranky indecisive customers but I hope it’s good. It was time well spent and max is very happy with his purchase. P.S. you need a tip option so that people like us can show our appreciation for the awesome service. Thanks Matt!” – Linda & Max

Feedback like this makes us proud to be doing business since 1939! If you would like to give us your feedback please e-mail: info@derks.ca

A Customers Memory… All The Way from 1997 “Derks Formals – Makes you the man you want to be!”

In 1997 my family lived on an acreage outside of Edmonton.  Every day my 3-year-old son and I would make the 3-hour daily round trip to his daycare and my job in the city.  Often during these trips, when not otherwise entertaining each other, we would listen to the radio.

Also, in 1997, Derks had an ad on the radio, which touted the slogan, “Derks Formals – Makes you the man you want to be!”  One day, while on our way home, the ad came on the radio.  My 3-year-old, obviously listening to the ad, became very excited.  “Do you hear that, Mommy?  They make you the man you want to be!”  He thought hard for a moment, then announced, “I want be BATMAN!”

Anyway, 15 years later, we no longer live on the acreage and reside in a small town in central Alberta.  My son, now 18, is graduating from High School.  The other day he came home with some formalwear catalogs from the local menswear shop.  He chose the suit that he really liked and when I flipped to the front cover to see which company the suit was from, I had to laugh when I saw it was from Derks.

My son, while accomplishing many amazing things in his young life (Author, World Taekwondo silver medalist, Honour Student), no longer wants to be “Batman” and has decided that perhaps “High School English Teacher” is more to his liking.  Regardless, he will look very handsome at his Grad ceremony in his Derks Formals suit.

There is really no point to this email other than seeing him choose his outfit and realizing it came from Derks brought back a memory and a smile and I just wanted to share the story.

If you have any wonderful stories about Derks Formals & Menswear please e-mail us at info@derks.ca and let us share your memory!

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NHL Team Cuff Links

Pick up the perfect Groomsmen gift!

You can purchase any NHL Team Cuff Links from Derks Southside locations or any other Derks location for only $99

These NHL Cuff Links make the perfect accessory to any suit.

You can purchase any NHL Team, just go to Derks Southside location or any other location and place your order.







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Consumer Choice Award’s Businessman of the Year is . . . Darrell Derk!

What a great way to start off our weekend at Derks Fine Group of Companies. Darrell Derk was announced today as the recipient of this year’s Consumer Choice Award’s Businessman of the Year in Edmonton. Congratulations Darrell!

Darrell Consumer Choice Businessman

The Derks Difference

Everyone says you should shop at their store because of this reason or that reason; so how is Derks Formals  & Menswear different? Check this out!

1.       Derks has the largest selection of tuxedo styles and accessories in Western Canada. Choose from over 35 different up to date tuxedos and suits and over 80 vest options.  Your possibilities are endless!

2.      Professionally trained staff that care about your special day.  Providing expert advice on styles, colors and details specific to your wedding needs.

3.       A family owned Canadian company dressing men since 1939.

4.      Derks offers high quality, new rental stock and latest styles for all your formalwear.

5.      Final Fitting Appointments to guarantee your tux or suit fits you before you leave our stores.  You know you are leaving with a great tux that fits like you own it!

6.      Emergency Van Service:  We honor our commitment to excellent customer service and will help you on location if you have a problem with your rental. *

7.        Our warehouse is located in Alberta for fast, convenient service.

8.       Try on Service Available at all Locations:  Try your selections on to make sure it looks just how you want it to on your big day! **

9.      Same day service available in Edmonton and Calgary.

10.   On-site tailoring at each location so any rental alterations can be made while you wait.

11.   Always striving to be a leader in the formalwear and menswear industry so you can trust us to be your best option for your formalwear

12.   Derks uses a new state of the art dry-cleaning machine.  Derks makes sure that every tux gets cleaned and the environment stays clean too!

*Some restrictions apply, ask store associate for more information
** Some stores may have to order in your try on selections

What more can we say! With three locations in Edmonon and two in Calgary and over 150 wholesale agents throughout Western Canada, Derks has you covered. We know you want to celebrate your big day with your family & friends. We just want to make sure you look your best while you do!

Tuxedo Trends 2011

Tuxedo Trends for 2011 are all about comfort and style. High end fabrics offer a more contemporary look.  Gone are the days where grooms have to wear heavy industrial wool tuxedos. Now companies like Derks Formals are providing their customers with materials of high quality; similar to what you would find in a retail tuxedo. The cut of the tuxedo is just as important as the cloth. The most popular choice of wedding parties this season is the basic two-button jacket with a notch lapel. If you are looking to step outside the box a peak lapel is a trendy choice, and a shawl lapel offers smooth clean lines.

In terms of color trends, black is back as the classic black and white duo is making a comeback. So if you don’t want to stress too much about having to match and coordinate colors, more and more couples are often looking for that more sophisticated and mysterious “James Bond” appeal. The end result is a classic look that will look great in pictures for years to come.

However, if you are looking for that pop of color; purple, royal blue, brighter greens and light pinks are what many of the bride and grooms are looking for this year. Jewel tones are all the rage!  Many couples are often inspired by colors found in nature such as peacock blues, mossy greens or amethyst purples.

Whatever style you end up choosing, always remember to draw from your personal inspirations, such as themes or colors that you both love so that you will be pleased by the look for years to come!

Derks Formals Calgary Receives Consumers’ Choice Award

Derks Formals is honoured that their Calgary stores have been given the Consumers’ Choice Award for Excellence in Formal Wear.

Winners of the award are determined by consumers, and it is considered a seal of excellence in the categories of: quality, value, service and appearance.

The team at Derks would like to thank its customers for recognizing our efforts to provide outstanding customer service and quality formalwear for all your special occasions.

Thank you for your continued support, trust and loyalty.

Congratulations to Kyle and Patricia (in top picture), Derks’ Calgary store managers!