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Consumers Choice Award Recipient Darrell Derk Businessman of the Year

Darrell Derk won an additional award for “Businessman of the year”











Derks Formals and Menswear won the award for formalwear/menswear and their on going commitment to quality, service, and excellence.

This is our 10th Consumer Choice Award in a row.












The Derks Family would like to thank their hard working team as there is no greater compliment than winning an award that commends our staffs achievments in business excellence and customer service.

NHL Team Cuff Links

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Dressing For a Charity Event

Kenneth Cole once said: “Don’t let your outfit be the cause for concern”

If you are about to attend a charity event to help raise funds and awareness, not strange looks, your outfit should be respectful and respected at the same time.  Big time charities are almost always a terrific time, everyone is dressed to the nines, and most non-profit organizations know how to throw a memorable party.  That plus the cause, whatever it may be, allows you to spend a little more than normal and feel quilt free.  Not only does your presence at a charity function benefit those unfortunate, in which you are attending the function to support, but it can also assist you from a social standpoint, as well as a professional one.  Many charity events or balls are formal functions which have strict dress codes that must be followed by all guests.  When dressing for a formal function it may be a good idea to rent or buy a tuxedo if you do not already own one.

Here are a few tips to follow to make your grand entrance with confidence and grace.

Be sure to look on the invitation to see if there is a dress code requirement as there are several levels of dress.  Here are the basics, beginning with the most formal.  White Tie: Men wear a black tuxedo with tails, a white shirt, a white vest and a white tie.  Black Tie: Men wear a black tuxedo, no tails, a white shirt, a black vest or cummerbund and a black tie.  Black Tie Optional: Men wear a black tuxedo, same as black tie attire, or a dark suit, a white (or light colored) shirt and a conservative tie.  The most common dress code for charity events is a Black Tie Event.

If you are looking to purchase or rent a suit, it is worth spending extra time trying everything on and paying close attention to the form of each garment.  If there is any pulling, bunching or creasing, consider going up a size.  Shoulder seams should be right at the edge of the shoulder and you should be able to comfortably button your jacket.  If other areas of the body do not fit properly, taking the suit in to get tailored is an easy solution in order to have the suit fit your body perfectly.

Consider the quality of the fabric and details of construction.  Think about texture and shine and look for a suit that has a special touch, taking it beyond every day wear.  Not only will this set yourself apart from all the others but it will make you feel fantastic wearing it.

Some would argue that shoes are the window to the soul, so don’t neglect them.  Dark socks with shoes to match are a must and need to go with the trousers you are wearing.  White socks or the wrong style of shoes will take the elegance away from the rest of the outfit.  Appropriate shoes for the event provide a polished finish to the whole look.

Fun Socks and Formalwear

Gone are the days where weddings were predominately black and white tie parties. Today’s engaged couples are having fun integrating a spectrum of different colors to their wedding themes.

It’s not too surprising then that many grooms and groomsmen today are embracing different color combinations for their wedding day attire as well. Fun patterns and brightly colored socks is a quickly growing trend. So gentlemen . . . to get started, find inspiration from the colors that you and your partner have selected for your big day. Brides love to wear brightly colored shoes . . . they totally make for many great photo ops! Choosing your socks or tie based on the color of her pair of heels is a good way to help narrow down your choices as well. I also find that wedding blogs such as Style Me Pretty are great sources for inspiration and wedding ideas. Or you can stop by Derks Formals & Menswear to see our great selection of Happy Socks, they’re definitely statement making. But in the end, just have fun with the process.

The Derks Difference

Everyone says you should shop at their store because of this reason or that reason; so how is Derks Formals  & Menswear different? Check this out!

1.       Derks has the largest selection of tuxedo styles and accessories in Western Canada. Choose from over 35 different up to date tuxedos and suits and over 80 vest options.  Your possibilities are endless!

2.      Professionally trained staff that care about your special day.  Providing expert advice on styles, colors and details specific to your wedding needs.

3.       A family owned Canadian company dressing men since 1939.

4.      Derks offers high quality, new rental stock and latest styles for all your formalwear.

5.      Final Fitting Appointments to guarantee your tux or suit fits you before you leave our stores.  You know you are leaving with a great tux that fits like you own it!

6.      Emergency Van Service:  We honor our commitment to excellent customer service and will help you on location if you have a problem with your rental. *

7.        Our warehouse is located in Alberta for fast, convenient service.

8.       Try on Service Available at all Locations:  Try your selections on to make sure it looks just how you want it to on your big day! **

9.      Same day service available in Edmonton and Calgary.

10.   On-site tailoring at each location so any rental alterations can be made while you wait.

11.   Always striving to be a leader in the formalwear and menswear industry so you can trust us to be your best option for your formalwear

12.   Derks uses a new state of the art dry-cleaning machine.  Derks makes sure that every tux gets cleaned and the environment stays clean too!

*Some restrictions apply, ask store associate for more information
** Some stores may have to order in your try on selections

What more can we say! With three locations in Edmonon and two in Calgary and over 150 wholesale agents throughout Western Canada, Derks has you covered. We know you want to celebrate your big day with your family & friends. We just want to make sure you look your best while you do!

Formalwear Facts

When looking for that seamless looking suit or tuxedo, you should always look at the reputation and quality of your options. Get referrals from friends and family. You don’t want to compromise on quality or service. Keep in mind that you want to find a retailer that carries current styles. The last thing you want is a tuxedo that looks like it’s from five years ago! Ask your tuxedo retailer these questions:

  • Is stock replaced on a regular basis?
  • How many times is a garment cleaned, and what methods are used?
  • Is there a full-time, on-site tailor?

Here are some additional tips and other important things to consider when finally going out to get your perfectly fitting tux . . .

1. Why be measured by a formalwear specialist?
It’s essential in ensuring you get a properly fitting tuxedo. Properly fitted formalwear is a must for comfort and look. Ask for a trained, knowledgeable fitter.

2. When is the best time to book our formalwear?
You should book your formalwear as early as possible, especially if you’re looking to rent during May through September. The summer is the most popular time for weddings. Booking early will ensure that you get the style you desire. Four to six months in advance is suggested.

3. Does everyone need to be there when we book?
No. It may be easier to come in alone, or just with your fiancé, when making your decisions. Once the styles are chosen, your consultant will enter them into the computer system. The rest of your party can then come in at a time that works best for them, but make sure they are prompt.

4. When is payment is required?
Payment is usually required at the time of booking, but make sure to check with your formalwear provider.

5. What should I do in the event there is a problem with my formalwear on my special day?
Check with your formalwear provider to see what their policy is. On Saturdays, Derks has an extra person on staff to assist you, should a problem arise, and Derks can even send someone out to you. Should something be forgotten, or if something needs fixing, call our emergency service department and we’ll do what it takes to make it right.

6. When do we return our formalwear?
To avoid late fees, all garments must be returned as soon as possible. Your formalwear specialist should cover all of this information with you, including when the tux should be back, as well as late fees, and the hours your location is open for returns.

Derks Formals . . . Helping Grooms Look Picture Perfect

Like a proud parent, we were overjoyed when we received a Thank You card from a lovely couple Derks Formals had the pleasure of working with this past year (the beautiful couple pictured below – courtesy of Studio 9 Photographics). Impeccably dressed like the classic James Bond, the groom and his groomsmen looked both dashing and incredibly sharp on the momentous occasion of Anna and Joe’s wedding day. Take a look . . .

With perfectly tailored suits, the consensus is . . . they looked très handsome! We loved your photo shoot session at West Edmonton Mall. You two definitely deserved to feel like celebrities, because like your ceremony walk down the aisle, you both also looked red carpet ready!

What a picture perfect couple, congratulations Anna and Joe! We at Derks Formals truly wish the both of you the best. We are truly grateful that Derks Formals was able to be a part of your wonderful day. Thank you.