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A Gentlemen’s Guide to Purchasing His Wedding Band

By doing your research prior to shopping for a wedding band, it will save you A LOT of time in the jewelry store. Jim Siegel from Siegel Jewelers recommends that learning about the different metals that are used to make men’s wedding bands will help you in decide what ring best suits your personality and lifestyle.

So before you walk into that jewelry store, make sure to know about the qualities of the different metals and also have a set budget in mind. In his recent article “Finding the Perfect Men’s Wedding Band”, Jim Siegel shares his expert knowledge on the 5 different metals men’s wedding bands are usually made out of and also provides a price range for each. Read on to see what Jim Siegel has to say about each metal . . .

First, you have the precious metals category (Platinum, Palladium, and 14k Gold):
Platinum is the most precious of metal and ranges from $1,000 and up. The most appealing characteristic of platinum is its durability. It does not tarnish and maintains a white appearance.

Palladium is another precious metal that is in the platinum family but is closer to the price of 14k gold. This precious metal ranges from $500. Palladium is a metal with the ability to withstand corrosion and oxidation. Palladium is 95% pure which is a great feature for people that need a hypoallergenic band.

14k Gold can be seen in white gold, yellow gold, or two toned gold wedding bands. It is has been used most during all of history for making fine jewelry. Gold is still the most traditional choice and it also the easiest to engrave.14k gold ranges from $450 and up.”

And then there are the alternative metals that are both budget friendly and perfect for men with more active lifestyles . . .
Tungsten Carbide is incredibly tough and rugged, which makes this ring a compliment to any man’s active style It is one the most popular types of wedding band materials today . Tungsten is in a great price range starting approximately about $200.

Titanium is durable but lighter than Tungsten. This characteristic is great for men who like the look of Tungsten but want a lighter weight band. The price range for Titanium is $125 and up. Both Tungsten and Titanium are considered alternative metals.”
To learn more insightful tips on men’s wedding band purchasing, check out Jim Siegel’s article: Find the Perfect Men’s Wedding Band


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One response

  1. Kelly

    My husband’s a construction worker and I originally got him a platinum ring, but I had no clue just how tough he would be on his ring. We switched to tungsten carbide rings and couldn’t be happier. They just hold up better, especially with the job he has. It’s definitely good to know about the metal in your ring.

    January 28, 2011 at 4:27 pm

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