High Quality Formalwear Since 1939

Tuxedos can be Flexible and Comfortable

Do you have a special occasion to attend this fall or winter that demands black tie attire? If you’re not accustomed to wearing tuxedos, you might expect your tuxedo to be restrictive or unflattering.  Rest assured that this is not the case. Properly measured and tailored formalwear will make you look your best.

At Derks Formals, the staff will be able to help you to select the outfit that’s going to work best for you. That means considering your body type to determine what’s going to look best on your frame.  Derks will also ensure that your tuxedo is tailored just right.

Once you’re wearing your tuxedo, it’s important to relax. Remember – You wear the suit, not the other way around.  All tuxedos are designed to be flexible enough for movement. Wearing a tuxedo is no excuse to avoid the dance floor.

Derks also offers styles for the little men in your life.  Your boys will be dressed to impress for your special day in tailored suits and tuxedos, and ranging in sizes 0-14, no boy is too young to look his best. Remember that young boys grow very quickly, and may outgrow their tuxedos if they are purchased too far ahead of the event date.  Look to start shopping four to six weeks ahead to ensure the proper fit.

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