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The Endless Options of a Suit

If your groom decides to purchase rather than rent, then the sky is the limit when it comes to buying a tuxedo or suit. From wild cuts and fabrics to the classic black one button, anything is possible.

There are many variables to consider when choosing a suit: time of day, location of event, themes, etc. Discuss what you both want (and what you don’t want). Your personal tastes will come into play when choosing the attire for the big day.

Suits in particular have gained a lot of attention recently. From Fashion Television to GQ, everyone is excited about the various ways to dress up and dress down a great fitting suit for any occasion. There seems to be no better time to buy than now, but remember to choose wisely when purchasing a formal outfit or suit.

Since formalwear is not a typical daily outfit, most people want to purchase something that will last them at least eight to ten years. Most formalwear specialists will recommend opting for a more classic design to get the most out of your purchase.

From neckties, bowties, cummerbunds, and cufflinks, there seems to be a never-ending selection of accessories that men can choose from. Experiment with your accessories, shop for the occasion, and don’t be afraid to break free from your usual conservative style.

Another option is to pair a classic, basic colored suit with a dressy shirt and accessories. Opting for a suit rather than a tuxedo is a practical choice as you can get a lot more wear out of both the pants and blazer of your suit. Once the big day is over, you won’t need to hang your suit in the back of your closet. Simply pair up dark denim with your suit blazer and you will be set for a casual dinner or outing. So be creative in putting together different outfits with your suit pieces. Opt for suits like Ted Baker’s Passion Kier and Worlds suits (first two suits above) which are great for versatility and easily able to be dressed up or down.

To make a classic suit stand out, accessories can also be used with suits to change your look from event to event. Choose accessories that will not only fit the occasion, but also help to bring out your personality. You can go to from one event in a silk dress shirt and bow tie to another event in a black dress shirt and an infamous silk tie from Altea. No one will ever know that you are wearing the same suit.

Have fun selecting the perfect accessories for your event and be open-minded about trying on different styles and designs – some may look surprisingly better on you than in the display case. Choose ties such as Ted Baker’s Archive Stary & Yemin or Passion Jomon & Cieba. Ties with subtle patterns or colors will pair well with suits and dress shirts of all sorts. With so many different styles of accessories available, you surely will never run out of ideas and looks to choose from or create.

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