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Purchasing Your Tuxedo
So you are one of the lucky few that have decided to own your tuxedo, you must understand your decision puts you in a very prestigious group with the likes of James Bond, Frank Sinatra and almost every major motion picture actor to ever win an award. Now how do you feel? Where to begin?

Fabric: This is going to be the primary distinguishing factor between a rental and retail garment. Most tuxedos are made of very fine wool’s (often in Super 100’s or better), this is because the tuxedo was meant to be worn on momentous occasions and at those times of your life you want to look your very best. You will find that the tuxedo you are buying will be extremely lightweight and breathable so that you stay comfortable. You have enough on your mind let alone worrying about what you are wearing.

Style: This is completely personal; however, there are a few simple things you should know going into your purchase. First, this garment is going to last you a while (often 5+ years) so make sure the style you choose is something you can live with. Most traditional tuxedos come in 1, 2, 3 button coats and if you are a purest you will want a 1 button without question. You then have three simple lapel choices: a notch, a peak or a shawl. Most formalwear specialty stores will have a selection of these tuxedos for you to look at and try on.

Accessories: Accessories may be the most important part of the process. If your tuxedo is going to last you a while, you don’t want to continually show up in the same outfit time after time. What we recommend is you find a few sets of accessories that say something different about you, maybe one set is red and shows your outgoing side, while the black set shows your traditional classic side. Accessories are a great way to continue to keep that tuxedo current without spending a lot of money.

I know what you’re thinking; isn’t it much cheaper to rent? That isn’t necessarily the case. If a guy is wearing a tuxedo 2 or 3 times in the course of a few years often it works out more cost effective to buy. And if we look at the entire budget of the wedding, even if the groom buys his tuxedo often times it is hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars less than the brides dress alone.

This small piece of information should allow you to feel comfortable buying your first tuxedo, although we are sure you still have questions, a reputable formalwear specialist can answer those questions.

A tuxedo just isn’t me…
Although as an industry we are seeing most grooms opting to wear a tuxedo there are some that are looking for something more casual. This is the perfect opportunity to wear a suit. Perhaps you don’t get dressed up much or that you might just want a new suit. Most formalwear specialists will have a suit to rent however; most men that are looking for a suit for their wedding are looking for something to purchase.

Although some men may want something a little bit more fashionable for their wedding we generally discourage that. Do you remember looking at wedding pictures from past generations? Ruffled shirts and baby blue were just a couple of pictures that came to mind, you do not want your wedding pictures to stem those same thoughts in your children one day.

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