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Groom’s Survival Guide

There are some things that a guy just has to know when preparing for the big day.

We at Derks hope that this collection of must-knows make getting ready and the day itself just a bit more manageable.

1. Make a date with your fiancé to get the marriage license.

2. As the rehearsal dinner is traditionally the responsibility of your parents, you will want to assist them in planning it.

3. If you’re going to have a honey-moon, plan on booking it at least 6 months in advance.

4. Arrange for transportation to the various locations for you, your bride, and the bridal party.

5. Gifts are part of this event, and you don’t just receive them, you give them as well. The bride traditionally receives a gift from the groom such as jewellery. You’ll also need to purchase gifts for your best men to thank them for sharing in your special day.

6. Your friends will want you to have a good time at your bachelor party. We encourage you to make certain that the party is at least one week prior to the wedding, and, if you can, make it even earlier than that.

7. Ensure that the MC or best men know to keep their speeches clean at the various functions at which they will be asked to speak. Make certain that they do not bring up any stories about your bachelor party or past relationships. Too often, men believe that these stories are funny and they want to share them with friends and family. Trust us. You’ll only tick off the bride and her family and embarrass yourself and your family.

8. You need appropriate clothing for the rehearsal dinner and the gift opening. Sweats just don’t make it.

9. You need to have a replacement set of underwear, shirt, and socks. Having fresh gear keeps you feeling and looking good.

10. Bring an extra pair of shoes to dance to ensure that your feet are footloose.

11. Take it from the top. Get a haircut and styling one week before the wedding, not the day before. Avoid the sheared look.

12. To avoid 5 o’clock shadow, plan on shaving just before the wedding.

13. Make sure your soap and cologne don’t clash or aren’t overpowering. If you use it after hockey to mask your manliness, you might now want it for your special day.

14. Don’t drink excessively before the ceremony. Having liquor on your breath does not give the bride confidence that you truly want to say ‘I do’.

15. Avoid running out of steam by having something to eat during the day. Lunch is important to re-energize yourself. You can either have it prepared to take along or even do a quick drive-through to fortify yourself.

16. Put the officiant’s fee in an envelope and give it to the best man to deliver after the ceremony.

17. Respond to the best man’s toast by thanking him and toasting your bride and her parents. (No roasting, just toasting).

18. Dancing is important. You’ll want to do it with the bride first and then with other women in the following order: your mother, the bride’s mother, and then the maid or matron of honour.

19. Help write the thank-you notes.

20. Recognize that there will be a little post-wedding blues experienced by your bride and even by you. The hoopla and anticipation, plus all of the excitement prior to the event, can cause a bit of a letdown after it’s all said and done. Treat yourselves to something special, or if you’ve just moved in together, start planning the things you can do to make your house a home. Give your wife flowers to tell her you love her.

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