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Formalwear Facts

In today’s fashion-forward market, the groom has many more options than in the past. When it comes to your attire for the wedding day . . . are you looking at buying, renting, or on some instances both? The process is definitely not as easy as it once was. With wedding parties getting bigger and bigger many of today’s grooms are planning further ahead, because there are more people to co-ordinate. How to make it easier? Read on for tips on renting your formal wear!

Renting Your Formal Wear
The key to having a positive experience while renting your formalwear is to choose a reputable store. As you shop around everyone will try and convince you that they truly are a reputable store, but here are just a few things to look for:

  • Service you can rely on
  • Well-trained, professional staff
  • Attention to detail and quality
  • Local warehousing with a large selection of new tuxedos and accessories
  • On-site tailoring for any unforeseen problems

If a store can provide these items you know you are in the right place. Now it really comes down to what are the guys going to wear? A good sales associate will ask a few simple questions such as:

  • What time of day is your wedding?
  • Is it a formal or casual ceremony?
  • What are the wedding colours?

These items will help a sales associate determine what type of attire is best suited for your day. There is a big swing back to formality, more grooms want to be completed dressed up. This might include a longer jacket, a vest, a formal tie and a patent shoe.

Jacket styles are going in two directions, more and more jackets are going to basic styles while incorporating nicer details such as linings and fabrics. The other direction is formal coats (longer length primarily), these coats will often fit a bit slimmer to prevent the groom from looking like a tent.

Accessories are becoming increasingly important, gone are the days of a black bow tie and cummerbund as your only choice. In today’s rental market the sky is the limit as far as colour and style go. Jewel tones and earth tones are a huge hit for this wedding season.

We have all heard that shoes make the man, well the statement holds true in the rental game as well. Many men cannot justify owning a pair of patent leather shoes, therefore, why not rent them on your wedding day. A good formal wear store should have numerous styles for you to choose from. Remember that the patent shoe was designed specifically for your tuxedo; it carries the look from your satin lapel to your satin stripe down to your shoes. And if you think people won’t notice you’re wrong! Check back for info on purchasing your wedding attire instead of renting.

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