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Destination Weddings: Get Your Groom a Perfect Linen Suit

At Derks, we carry a large variety of unique linen island wedding apparel for destination and beach weddings, events, and tropical vacations. We specialize in men’s linen beach attire such as linen suits, pants, and shirts.

The most important thing with linen is that the fabric is natural and it has a natural look. When purchasing linen clothing, one must know that there will be wrinkles, but that’s one of the delicate and unique features of linen. If you notice any heavy wrinkles, don’t worry, most hotels have in-house dry cleaning so get them to dry-clean it and the wrinkles will relax from the travel. Make sure that linen clothing is always hung up as it is super easy for it to wrinkle. Other than that, just relax, enjoy the hot weather, and have fun.

To look absolutely perfect, linen should be pressed. But if you’re doing your own washing, you can avoid some of the work. Never over-dry the fabric and avoid using the high dryer temperature while drying. Remove your clothes as soon as the dryer is done. If you can, put out the corners and press them by hand. All of these steps can greatly reduce the amount of ironing you have to do later.

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