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10-10-10 is a Big Wedding Weekend

This weekend is a big one for the wedding industry. Couples worldwide have opted to tie the knot on October 10, 2010, or 10 10 10.

For those who planned well ahead, this weekend is likely to go smoothly, but those couples trying to book vendors at the last minute are going to be in for a challenge.

“With these fun novelty dates, if a couple is doing their planning well in advance and have first pick of fabulous vendors, everything’s great,” Edmonton wedding planner Jolyn Saramaga told CBC News.
The number 10 is considered lucky according to numerologists worldwide. It’s especially important in Chinese culture, where 10 is a perfection number.
For those couples who weren’t able to make it for 10 10 10…Another novelty date is right around the corner.  11 11 11 is just over a year away.

CBC News – Consumer Life – 10-10-10 is big wedding weekend.

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