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How to be a hit as a wedding MC

This article is just a guideline on how to be a Master of Ceremonies. It provides an informal, step-by-step set of basic rules to follow to give you confidence in tying things together at an otherwise nervous affair.

What Is An MC?
An MC is simply a person who presides over the entertainment.

You have been asked to be the MC because you have the talent for keeping things under control. The bride has enough to worry about without the fear of the greatest day of her life falling apart in front of everyone. Therefore, you have been asked to take over. You are in control. However, first you have to learn HOW to be in control.

Find out the day of the wedding, and then plan to meet with the bride and/or her mother several days before zero hour for a planning meeting.

What To Ask
* Where is the reception taking place?
* How many guests are expected?
* What type of reception is it? (sit down, buffet, etc.)
* Is gift opening that day, or the day later?

The Wedding Reception Is Here!
The groom won’t be nervous now, he’s married… and numb. The bride will be excited, thrilled… and nervous about the reception going well. The parents are being polite to guests… they want the reception to go perfectly. As for you, just be relaxed and calm.

You’re On!

  1. Introduce yourself and your relationship to the wedding party. Thank all the guests for coming to this joyous occasion.
  2. Start the evening with ‘Your attention please…’, and wait for silence. If necessary, repeat until the room becomes silent.
  3. Call the audience to stand when the wedding party parades to their tables. Set your timetable or agenda.
  4. Introduce the head table.  Allow time for picture taking.
  5. Invite the guests to sit after the wedding party seat themselves. Introduce other important people ( Flower girl and ring bearer, Parents of the bride, parents of the groom)

Your Duties May Include…

  • Telling stories
  • Giving special announcements
  • Informing guests of tradition
  • Telling tasteful jokes
  • Reading telegrams
  • Introducing the people who are giving toasts
  • Announcing when the garter and flowers are being tossed
  • Announcing when the cake is being cut
  • Reminding the bride and groom about the cake cutting, etc. They will be busy enjoying their reception and visiting their guests.
  • Whatever else the bride and groom assign you


  • For jokes, check your local library or bookstore. Follow the lines of good taste!
  • Always avoid offensive or suggestive material
  • Smile a lot, it’s contagious
  • When in doubt, DON’T.

What To Wear
Fit in with the theme of the wedding. If everyone else is wearing tuxes (fathers, groomsmen, and the groom), you should too. Suggest it to the groom. Don’t expect the bride and groom to pay. If not a tux, wear a suit. Make sure that your color choice complements the bridal party. For example, if their colors are purple, don’t wear red. Be clean shaven and look presentable.

Reminder: This is a very important day for the bride and groom. Reassure them, and their confidence in you. Don’t worry!

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